Commercial Display Racks

Commercial display racks can be used by retail stores both to stock merchandise and to draw customers' attention to specific items they might not otherwise purchase. Retail fixtures provide numerous surfaces with which a store owner can work to create more a dynamic presentation. Some of these surfaces may include shelves that can be stacked with products in the most efficient manner, allowing the store to carry a large number of SKUs. The sides of commercial display racks that face the store window, though, may be used to showcase promotional information or specific products that are on sale.

Find Flexible Commercial Display Racks

Some commercial display racks are designed for use by specific industries. Fixtures for apparel stores, for example, may include waterfall hanging units that are designed to separate different pieces of apparel. Such structures, though, are not of much use to convenience store owners or other types of retail outlets. Those businesses can, however, take advantage of flexible commercial display units. Using a Slatwall or grid panel as the main surface onto which hanging accessories are placed, managers can choose the appropriate type of hanging unit for the items they sell or their marketing needs. Hooks, for example, can be used to showcase art prints for sale or to hang promotional signs so that they can be seen through the window.

Store owners and managers will find a large selection of fixtures, including shelves and freestanding racks, at Dollar Store Should customers wish to inquire about specific equipment available, the company can be reached by phone at (877) 549-5210 or by email.