Dollar Store Fixtures

The success of any store is highly affected by the retail display fixtures. Poorly arranged merchandising is almost a guarantee that sales will not reach the store's potential. The layout of the space is critical to the accessibility to all products. The type of furnishings that are most effective depend on the kinds of products for sale.

Shelving is one of the first factors to consider. For instance, for book displays, the shelves should be slightly angled to keep books from slipping off, where clothing, such as sweaters, would be more accessible on flat shelves. Wire shelves or baskets are types of shelving that provide the option of endless retail display space. The type of shelf used will be determined by the surface to which it is to be attached.

Select Wholesale Retail Display Fixtures

Slatwall panels and gondolas are types of retail display fixtures with a grooved slot for attaching brackets and shelves. Panels are attached to walls for shelf or hook displays such as gift bags, cosmetics or small toys. Gondolas provide a series of units to show off the merchandise down aisles or as freestanding units througout the store. With the addition of a wheel base, some units can be made portable for ease of maneuvering to different locations.

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