Gondola shelves are seen in retail businesses of all types. In order to display merchandise in an attractive manner while keeping it within easy reach for customers, a variety of sizes, angles and configurations are necessary. Some products, such as pharmaceuticals, require smaller bins or containers than for larger items such as copy paper, cookware or clothing. Every merchant, regardless of product specialty, needs the option of multiple sizes for display.

Gondola shelving is available as single or double sided. The double-sided design makes freestanding aisle storage available for any range of product size. The low units are frequently seen in stores such as discount chains and convenience stores to highlight special sale products. Hot-selling items are often placed in aisle displays to make it easy for the customer to locate them.

Create Displays with Gondola Shelves

Tall double-sided gondola shelves are seen in grocery stores, building suppliers and other stores where the multiple items of similar type need to be available for the consumer. The availability of different brand names of the same item is necessary for the convenience of the shopper, and gondola shelves make it possible to provide such a display. When it is time for the merchandise to change, it is easy to adapt the racks to accommodate merchanside of different sizes.

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