Grid Panels

Grid panels are an alternative for standard slatwall merchandising display, with the advantage of visibility of items from both sides. The wire construction gives a sturdy support for all types of accessories such as waterfalls, hooks and shelves. There are as many display options for wire panels as for the slatwall.

Before placing an order for showcasing merchandise, a careful evaluation of the layout of the retail space and the types of merchandise to be sold must be completed. For example, a specialty clothing store such as a sports store has a frequent turn-around of merchandise. A wire display that can hold hanging shirts on all sides with a rack for caps for various teams is an efficient use of space.

Display with Grid Panels

Grid panels have the advantage of mobility. A complete unit comes with a dolly base with pinwheels for ease of transporting merchandise displays from one part of the store to another. Where some types of showcasing require complete dismantling to relocate, the grid panels are quick and easy to maneuver throughout the store. This is especially important when there is a need for the rotation of seasonal products.

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