Store Fixtures &
merchandise display

These items allow store owners to customize each merchandise display for functionality, efficiency and attractiveness.

Design it Yourself

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Store Layout

Businesses like dollar stores also make heavy use of discount fixtures like grid panels and slat-wall displays. Grid panels and baskets make ideal bulk-merchandise containers, allowing customers a full view of all the items they contain while providing sturdy, durable storage. Plastic slat-wall displays are ideal for storing items like pictures, portraits or books and are available in tiered designs that require no tools during the simple, quick assembly process. A wide variety of shelving, bins and baskets, as well as point-of-sale accessories, can also be purchased at economical prices.


Checkout counters commonly feature multiple shelves to store items like tissue paper, newspaper, and bags, and they have smooth, spacious countertops, so that customers can place all of their items on them before purchase. They should be large enough to hold a fair amount of goods as well as a cash register or other point-of-sale system. Smaller cash stands can be practical for cramped spaces. While they do not have counter tops, they do have enough storage for the essentials and can hold cash registers easily.

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