Layout Design

Retail business owners carefully design store layouts to keep customer traffic flowing and comfortable. Depending on the products that are stocked, retail fixtures are placed at a set distance apart from each other to display items that are similar. The layout design must attract customers from the outside. A customer will avoid entering a retail store that looks like it is crowded. The proper placement of retail fixtures is the key to drawing customers into the store.

Retail Fixtures for Successful Layouts

Retail store owners will place slatwall, gondolas, shelves and counters in the store so products are easily accessible. Convenience stores place gondolas in the middle of the layout, either straight on or at an angle. This way, a customer can both browse products and reach the back of the store with no problems. If the entrance to the store is in the middle of the layout, the gondolas are sometimes separated into two groups, with one on each side. Electronic stores sometimes place the gondola near the back to keep the front open and inviting. Portable retail fixtures are placed near the checkout counters of grocery and dollar stores to stock items such as magazines and candy to entice the customers to make one more purchase.

Retail business owners and managers can use Dollar Store to get a free layout design by submitting their store dimensions. Contact a representative for full details on layouts and retail fixtures by calling (877) 549-5210 or sending an email.