1.-Post have1" inceremental slotting and are available in one-piece lenghts up to 96. Longer lenghts are available using optional extensions.

2.-To ensure an even and level fixture, heave-duty levelers are built-in to each post and base bracket.

3.-An end trim pakage is supplied for the ends of each fixture run. Base decks are available in 13" through 22" depths.

4.-Our floating kickplate rest flush with the floor, regardless of leveling adjustments. Each kickplate iis designed with an electrical outlet knock-out as a standard feature.

5.-Our Standard shelf os designed as a tip-in shelf ranging sizes from 10" through 22". Shelf capacity is 500 lbs. evenly loaded.

6.-Our standard shelf is designed with captured brackets that setup to lay flat or slope 17 down Each shelf is perforated to allow for the use of wire binning.

7.-We offer quality, medium density solid or perforeated back with baked on acrylic paint finish. Slatwall back are availible.

8.-End displays availables as free-standing with a base deck oor attached to gondola without a deck.

9.-Special brackets suspend endless wire baskets or wire sheles.

10.-Special merchandising accesories available retail groups.

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