Allows Books to slant 15 dregrees against a 7 3/4" high back - 10" deep. Also ideal for boxed merchandise presentation.

Available 4' lenghts


Standard Shelf

Features integral multi- position brackets, double rows of 1/4" binning perforations installs flat or 17 degrees down. Uniform load capacity- 500 lbs (flat position). Shelf depths- 10" 13" 15" 17" 19" and 22". Available in 3" and 4" lenghts



Endless Wire Shelf

Chrome wire baskets supported on special brackets. Wire baskets depths- 12", 14", 16", and 18:. Dividers available . Can be installed in reverse position, flat or 17 degrees down.



Wire Fence Binning

3" high wire attach to shelf surface independently . Fronts available in 3' and 4' lenghts. Dividers




Bastek Fence Binning

Bin front and divideers lock together to create a rigid binning system. fronts availablre in 3" or 5" heights Dividers available 5" hihg in 16" and 22" depths


Wire Dump Bin

Adjustable bottom comes with singleholder

WDB-18 18"x18"

WDB-24 24"x24"

WDB-30 30"x30"



Stacking Basking Set

Various sizes available on special order.

regular sizes of 12" and 14" deep baskets, 48" long. dividers available. Also available on casters