Rack Shelves

Many types of products can be displayed on rack shelves, allowing business owners to take full advantage of their versatility. New companies will need to make an initial investment in the fixtures they use to display their merchandise. They may elect to purchase a combination of plastic, metal and wire fixtures at wholesale prices. If careful planning is employed at this initial stage, they will not need to purchase additional retail fixtures until the business is ready to expand or the original equipment must be replaced.

Organize Rack Shelves Efficiently

Rack shelves can be inserted easily into slatwalls or placed on grid panels to display merchandise.

  • Apparel stores may choose to use different styles of arms, such as the waterfall design to showcase a particular item.
  • By folding merchandise and placing it on rack shelves, a greater number of units can be placed on the floor of the store rather than being placed in the storage room.
  • Wire dump bins and other basket structures can be used to hold many units of the merchandise, while basic rack shelves are used to display products.
  • These fixtures can be used to display pieces of art, electronic products, snack items and more.

Commercial customers searching for wholesale plastic and metal rack shelves and retail fixtures will find a number of excellent products at Dollar Store Fixtures.com. Potential customers can discuss which style will be best for their retail store by calling a representative toll-free at (877) 549-5210 or by sending an email.