Retail Racks

There are numerous styles of retail display racks that store owners can use to feature their merchandise. Some of these fixtures can only be used for a narrow range of products. On the other hand, store owners and managers can order components for retail racks that can be custom assembled. Different combinations of the components can be used to accommodate the range of merchandise the store may carry, whether this includes office supplies, food and beverage products, or toys.

Components of Retail Racks

At the core of many retail racks is a slatwall. Slatwall systems are available in a number of styles, including cubes, gondolas, and panels. Each of these styles provides owners with the ability to add accessories to hang and display merchandise. They can insert hooks, arms, and shelves of different styles. The type of slatwall that works best will depend on where in the store the managers plan to place the fixture. For instance, for items that will be showcased but placed out of customers' reach, a panel system may be best, as it can be hung high on a wall.

Businesses that are expanding or renovating and need to order new retail racks to showcase their products will find many options from which to choose at Dollar Store Commercial customers can inquire about the types of retail racks and accessories available, and even have an itemized layout completed at no cost, by contacting a representative by phone at (877) 549-5210 or by email. The company can also set up and install components.