Shelving Accessories

One of the ways to boost sales in any retail store is to use the right shelving accessories to display the products. Merchandising is more than just putting products out where customers can find them. The customer should be drawn to the display upon entering the store. This is accomplished by carefully planning the route to the display, as well as how the product is presented on the rack.

Since retail space is often limited, making the most out of every inch is important. Determine which products are the most likely to sell, and plan a display around those items. Shelving accessories such as a two-tier bookshelf, endless wire shelf, wire dump bins and shelf dividers make it possible to arrange and rearrange any retail shop to place the hottest sale items in the most visible areas of the store.

Mobility with Shelving Accessories

Shelving accessories also include items to make it easier to move merchandise displays from one area of the store to another. Casters are available for most shelf designs. Rotating stock or simply rearranging the product line is easy and safe for employees when the display cases or racks are mobile. Mobility makes the transition between goods from one season to another easier to handle when racks stored in the backroom can be filled and ready to go.

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