Shelving Systems

Shelving systems can be set up in many parts of a store, including checkout areas, the ends of aisles, and open areas. Based on the merchandise that is available in these areas, different types of shelving systems will be needed. For the checkout area, where small products that are often purchased on an impulse, tall and narrow units may be chosen. These units can fit into the limited space available in the region and can accommodate many small items.

Placing Shelving Systems Throughout the Store

In contrast to shelving systems that are placed near the point of purchase, larger units can be located in different parts of the store. Long shelving systems can be used not only to stock merchandise, but also to create aisles. These display units can be moved when necessary, but have enough weight that they will remain in place until store owners and managers decide to move them. In addition to setting up fixtures on the floor of a shop, you can also hang them on walls. This is one important way that stores can showcase specific merchandise when they want to increase sales.

At Dollar Store, owners of everything from dollar stores to large retail outlets can find high-quality shelving systems and other types of display fixtures at wholesale prices to showcase their products. To inquire about available products or design services that provide an itemized layout of a store with the fixtures that are going to be installed, representatives can be reached by phone at (877) 549-5210 or by email.