Highly versatile slatwall displays are made as freestanding cubes, wall panels and gondolas. The type of design will be determined by the layout of the floor and the amount of available space for product fixtures. The cube design, available in sizes such as 18.5 by 18.5 inches at 60 inches tall, can showcase a lot of merchandise in a small amount of floor space.

The slatwall panel is an easy way to fill a long wall with display space. A common panel size is eight by four feet, and it is available in several colors such as almond, grey, white and wood grain. Other finishes such as laminate are available to match the decor of any retail store environment. In fact, special sizes and colors are possible with the paint grade melamine surface.

Slatwall Displays Available for Any Retailer

The slatwall gondola is another option that offers attractive product display. The gondola is easily adaptable to aisle space or any location where a fixed panel is not possible. The option to move the fixture from one location to another gives versatility to any retail setting. Simply changing the configuration of the pegs and hooks makes it quick and easy to rotate or alternate product emphasis.

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