Store Display Racks

Store display racks can accommodate a wide variety of products and contribute to making them more appealing to customers. Small items, such as different types of candy, can be placed on the shelving components in baskets or boxes. Larger items, such as beverage and liquor bottles, can also be placed on shop display racks. When businesses are first selecting the types of fixtures they will include in their store, they will need to consider how many units they intend to place on the floor and the flexibility they need in their fixtures.

Arranging Store Display Racks

Most spaces have limited fixtures in place. Concrete columns, for example, may be one of the few permanent structural elements. Stores can use their display racks to create the layout that is most conducive to doing businesses. They can use portable fixtures to create aisles through which their customers can progress with products such as gondola shop displays. In addition to these floor-standing units, businesses can also add racks and shelving to their walls. This will provide ample room to showcase products without taking up space on the floor.

Retail fixtures can be customized to meet a business' specific needs. Baskets and shelves can be placed on units. Owners can decide the quantity and location of these accessories based on their merchandise.

At Dollar Store, new business owners and those who are replacing equipment or expanding their operations can purchase wholesale fixtures. Dollar store managers, candy shop owners, and other commercial customers can discuss the equipment available and have a layout designed by contacting representatives at (877) 549-5210 or by sending them an email.