Store Fixtures

There are numerous types of store fixtures that businesses can employ to showcase the merchandise that they carry. In addition to being used to stock products, these units also become part of the design of the shop. By strategically placing fixtures throughout the store, managers can direct customers toward particular items. Managers have many options for displaying their merchandise:

  • wall units
  • wire racks
  • floor-standing structures
  • window displays

Marketing Products with Store Fixtures

The location of store fixtures can influence the sales of products. When products are left in their regular position on shelves, there may be many competing products nearby from which customers may choose. During deal periods, however, the business may be able to profit from promoting a particular item. With store fixtures like freestanding displays and showcases at the end of an aisle, shop owners and managers can increase the likelihood that these products are chosen. Businesses can also coordinate the use of their display systems with their advertising, allowing customers to locate more easily the products that drew them into the shop.

Businesses can choose among displays that are intended to be permanent and many that are portable. For short-term marketing strategies, portable equipment offers a number of advantages. In addition to taking up less space in storage, employees can move the equipment into position more easily, whether it is needed for several weeks or just an afternoon event.

At Dollar Store, companies will find a large selection of both permanent and mobile commercial equipment. To learn about the products and installation services that are available, customers can reach employees at (877) 549-5210 or by email.