Wall Display Racks

Wall racks let retail businesses increase the number of products they can display within their stores. Stores have a limited amount of floor space available. As a result, owners and managers may need to make decisions about which products will be showcased on the floor and the number of units that will be available to customers directly. They may be able to store additional inventory in the back of the retail store, but their employees will need to exercise vigilance and ensure that floor displays are continually stocked. By installing wall racks, stores can showcase additional products or draw attention to the most popular products.

Installing Wall Display Racks

One option available to stores that plan on using wall racks to display products is to have them installed permanently. This approach, however, may not be ideal for retail businesses that carry a shifting array of merchandise. As an alternative, stores can elect to use a flexible display system that allows them to feature merchandise with their choice of accessories. Shelves, baskets, hooks, and arms can be placed on a hanging slatwall panel. When different merchandise is to be featured, the store will simply need to change the accessories that are used on the wall rack.

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