Wire Rack Shelving

Wire rack shelving offers an easy way to display products throughout a store or showroom. These units are often lighter in weight than other types of commercial shelving systems, making it easier for store managers to rearrange their displays. One reason they may need to do this is to accommodate products of different sizes. For instance, liquor markets may have to stock liquor bottles of different sizes throughout the year, and clothing stores have vastly different items in the winter and summer.

Convenient Stocking Options with Wire Rack Shelving

Another reason commercial business owners may opt to use wire rack shelving is the array of accessories available. One of the most basic types is a basket unit. These storage units are ideal for small items that could fall off of a flat surface easily. Another type of display system owners may choose to use is a wire dump bin. Such units are available in different depths and also provide stable storage. Fragile items, such as glass liquor bottles, can be placed in the baskets without concern that they will fall out. Both of these wire systems can be installed on shop racks, along with traditional retail fixtures.

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