Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any type of merchandising. From video racks to a display of industrial products, sturdy wire shelving will hold up for years of service. The finished coating is resistant to tarnish and weathering which gives long-lasting beauty for any type of product.

The size and position of wire shelves is determined by the merchandise to be promoted. Available designs include the following:

  • Flat shelf with a lip to attach to gridwall
  • Triangle shape to attach to perpendicular gridwall
  • Flat shelf with no lip that fits gridwall, pegboard or slatwall displays
  • Slant wire shelves with a square grid pattern
  • Choices of black, white or chrome

Stock Merchandise on Wire Shelves

In some localities, such as earthquake areas, all racks must be anchored to the floor. Triangle floor plates make it easy to comply with such regulations. Special brackets, designed to attach a shelf or basket, are available to fit with any international shelf system. Industrial-strength materials make it possible to display racks of small appliances, books, gardening supplies and other heavy items with no concerns about stability.

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